Search Engine Marketing


What Is Search Engine Marketing ?

Search Engine Marketing is again a very important part in the digital marketing. Search engine marketing is a process in which the digital or media marketing is done mainly through paid services. It’s an act where we buy the traffic to our website so that the search engines start ranking it in their first pages which increases the visibility of the website. Its an effective way in today’s competitive market and the business dynamics to increase the traffic and grow the business. This way ensures more internet subscribers visit the website or connect to the business increasing the business growth prospects.

There are few most famous methods of Search Engine Marketing being used nowdays by the people who do digital Marketing :

  • Google Adwords – Google Adwords is used to create effective and simplified advertisements and are served to the users searching online about your business.
  • Facebook Ads – Facebook has this feature of promoting the business by advertising on its platform. It’s a paid service and targets the relevant customer base.
  • YouTube Ads – YouTube helps is paid advertising by sharing ads on its videos and when the users clicks the ads , they are redirected to the page to watch page.

Tips To Organise the Ad Accounts:

A very common and conventional method used in organising is to organise the adwords accounts is to structure it in a way the website is structured. After that should start to organise the campaigns and ad groups as they are being created. Then should reorganise the account after we have created several campaigns and ad groups wipes out all the data accumulated, possibly affecting how the ads perform on the internet. Then develop a plan for campaign, give appropriate names to each campaign basis its goals. Keeping the audience in mind split the campaigns in case of international audience, choose budget, pick where the ad appears geographically and choose where the ads appear online.

Types Of Campaign Status:

Campaign Status has various options like Eligible: Means it is active and can show ads, Paused ad : It has been paused by the advertiser hence it gets inactive. When the campaign is paused it does not accumulate new cost until resumed or ad does not show. Deleted ad : It is inactive since the advertised has deleted it, it does not show or accumulates new cost until re-enabled .Pending ad : These campaigns are scheduled to show in future and are inactive. Ended ad : The campaign has finished its complete schedule. Suspended ad : The campaign is inactive since the prefilled account balance has finished and it would not run active till the balance will be refilled. Limited By Budget ad : In this situation the ads are shown occasionally as there is a budget constraint.