What are the Best Social Media Hacks

DigitalCookies talks about the social media hacks

Social media is always buzzing with activity. Millions of people are online at any point in time, posting, scrolling, sharing, chatting, and interacting with others. It is very easy for a business to grab some eyeballs and reach out to prospective customers. But the tough task lies in being consistent with it. Many businesses start on a high and fall flat after a while. DigitalCookies, the SEO experts in Noida , has helped various businesses in understanding how social media works and should be used effectively to get the maximum results.

We’ve listed a few best social media hacks you can follow to attract more users and gain followers.

Memes are Trending

It seems that there is no topic that a meme doesn’t cover. Whether it is the pandemic or some lyrics, nothing is spared by meme makers. Those of you who are active on social media know how these quirky and funny images are ruling the internet. Best SEO Company Noida highlight the importance of lighthearted content that is easily relatable by many users. The memes can either be related to general, social, and global topics or can compare the product to another and subtly showcase its advantages. The main intention is to grab users’ attention and make them pause their scrolling for a few seconds.

360 Degree Photos on Facebook

If you haven’t tried yet, you should do it immediately. While they are not the shiny new toy, they still make users pause and check out what the picture has to offer. The company that provides the Top SEO Company in Noida explains that sharing a 360-degree picture of a new product is likely to bring more views compared to 2D images. The only thing to take care of is choosing the right picture for the post. High-definition images, which show the product from various angles, will create a better user experience.

Don’t Shy Away from Videos

The top affordable SEO agency In Noida says that more than 60% of the users are likely to buy a product after watching the video related to it. And when they see videos with the employees and owners of the business, they start relating to the business. This emotional connection is vital to ensure that a business not just gains customers but also retains them.

Seo experts in Noida understands that Videos on various social media platforms play different roles. For example, the videos on YouTube are longer and detailed with valuable content. The videos on Instagram are limited to less than a minute with a focus on entertaining. The videos shared on IGTV are longer and bring a different target audience to the brand.

Create Discounts and Offers on Facebook

Do you know you can create offer posts on Facebook? These are similar to FB ads but are used exclusively to provide deals and discounts to customers. You can share the promo codes which customers can use while making purchases on the website. When you enter the required details when creating the post, it links directly to your website, allowing and prompting users to buy the products for a discounted price. When you hire leading SEO company in Noida , the company handles these posts on your behalf and makes sure they are professional and send a clear message about the product.

The Right Mix of Personal and Professional

Brands should no doubt have a professional approach to social media. But if they do not connect to the emotional side of the users, they will fail to make an impression. Seo experts in Noida keeps in mind that the same time, being overly personal can cause some users to ignore the brand. You have to walk the thin line between personal and professional to keep users engaged while reminding them about the products. Sharing posts, videos, and real-life experiences will also make a difference. Just make sure you don’t overdo and end up sending the wrong message.

Businesses can either manage their social media accounts themselves or can hire reputed service providers for the same. Make a list of the most affordable SEO In Noida and contact each of them. This will help in understanding which company is more aligned with the ideas of the business so that it will be easy for them to work together in the long term. 

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