Top 6 Online Small Business in 2020 !

We are living in a world ruled by technology. We spend hours every day working on computers and laptops, scrolling through social media and the internet looking for information and entertainment. With increasing dependence on the internet, digital marketing is here to stay. Creating a website or blog is not enough anymore. The products and services have to be marketed on the internet to get the required results. This has made way for many small and independent entrepreneurs to start digital marketing firms. Providing digital marketing services is a lucrative business that helps the startups grow while enabling the businesses to boost their sales. There are various types of digital marketing services a firm can offer.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of the website in the organic search engine results. When a person searches for a particular product or service on the internet, he/ she is provided with a list of search engine result pages (SERP) with links to various websites that claim to provide the required information.
    • For a website to be listed among the top 10 of these results the content on the website has to be optimized for search engines and the websites should have a higher rank on SERP. This enables more organic traffic to be generated for the website and increases viewership, which will lead to an increase in customer base.
    • SEO trends keep changing as the search engines change their algorithms. SEO is not about building the website; instead, it is about building a solid presence on the internet and becoming visible.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    • No business should ignore the advantages offered by social media. With millions of people using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. it makes absolute sense to market a brand on such platforms.
    • Moreover, brands can directly connect with the audience on social media. Replying to their messages, comments, organizing contests, etc. will improve the interaction between the business and the customers.
    • Trending hashtags, using Facebook and Twitter ads, sharing interesting and quality content on the social media pages, encouraging users to comment and share, etc. are some ways to promote a business on social media.
  • Content Marketing
    • Content marketing is a process in which relevant and quality content (information) is shared on the web and social media pages of a business to attract the audience who are looking for related information.
    • Tweets, images, videos, and blog posts are categorized under content. It is essential to deliver the kind of content the audience is looking for. This depends on the type of products and services provided by the business and the market segment it is aiming to attract.
    • The content should include the keywords that work well for SEO. At the same time, the keywords should not appear irrelevant in the content.
  • Resume Writing
    • Resume writing is a different kind of digital marketing service. Many employers are now searching through websites to identify potential employees for their company.
    • In such instances, a resume posted on these websites can provide a dream job or snatch away all hopes of getting one. Each resume has to be unique and reflect the person while highlighting the positive traits.
    • The resumes should include certain keywords and phrases that will grab the attention of the prospective employer. 
  • Blogging
    • While blogging seemed nothing more than a hobby until a few years ago, it is now a digital marketing technique.
    • Blog posts with promotional and information content are shared on the website and social media pages of the business.
    • Brands can have tie-ups with individual bloggers to promote their business or they can approach the digital marketing service providers to create innovative content for the website blogs.
  • Graphic Designing
    • Designing the logo, banners, brochures, newsletters, invitation cards, promotional items (Tshirts, mugs, keychains), leaflets, etc. come under graphic designing.
    • Graphic designing services are used to promote business in interesting and exciting ways. A graphic designer plays an important role in taking the brand into the market.

While there are many other digital marketing services that are offered by many firms, the above services are in demand in the market.

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