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Social media is the preferred platform to promote your business. There are countless business profiles on various social media platforms vying to get more visibility and traction. But only some of them are being successful. DigitalCookies, the Best SEO company in Noida, has been offering expert services to help effectively manage the SM platforms and increase brand awareness. The main reason for failure of the business profiles trying branding through Social media is the inability to understand how each social media platform works and how each of them can be used to improve the SEO of the business.

In this blog, let us take a look at some of the best tips to manage social media and use it to improve SEO rankings of the business and gain more visibility.

Every Social Media Platform is Different

The first tip is to understand that any best seo company in Noida keeps into account that every SM platform works differently. While Instagram relies on visuals, Facebook is a combination of text, links, images, videos, and polls. Twitter trends are checked through hashtags. LinkedIn is a professional networking site. Medium is a space to share information and technical blogs. The algorithm of each platform is different. The user base is different (though we see overlapping in some zones). The approach also has to be different.

Optimize the Profiles Across all Platforms

Optimizing profiles means to have the same details shared on every SM platform. Use the same display picture, cover picture, share links to the website, blog, add details of the business in simple words. Give the contact information and the address location. With one look at the profile, users should be able to identify the business on any SM platform.

Be Regular, Be Active

Putting up an odd post on a random day and then not being active for a while will not help in creating a social media presence. SEO experts in Noida say that it is necessary to regularly appear on the newsfeed of the users for them to recognize the business and show interest. Also, posts that get more engagement are further promoted by platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Quality Over Quantity, Any Day

Going by the above tip, you might be tempted to bombard the followers with various posts. That’s where you have to be careful. Users see a lot of silly and worthless content on social media. The best seo company in Noida knows it is important not to join that category. Limit the posts to one or two per day. Make sure each of them has something of value to offer to the followers. You can share jokes, blog links, special offers, back-the-scenes videos, or interviews with employees.

Don’t Be Afraid of Using Colors- Visuals Matter

Visuals play a vital role in social media. Optimize the images for each platform. The setting and default image dimensions are different from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. YouTube exclusively deals with videos. Hire affordable SEO services in Noida to help create appealing visual content for your social media posts. Use every post to boost the SEO performance of the business.

Easy to Share, Easy to Promote- Interaction is Important

Add share buttons to the website and blog. Make the business profiles public and encourage users to share the posts. The Facebook and Twitter algorithm is such that the posts gain more visibility even when people comment. Make use of this to reach more users. Interact with followers. Ask questions; tempt them to reply a comment. Interact with the followers. Reply to their comments, and keep the post live.

Use the Right Hashtags for Greater Reach

Hashtags started with Twitter and gained popularity on Instagram. They are now seen on Facebook as well. A hashtag collects all the posts under the hashtag and displays them to the users. Depending on the number of times the hashtag is used, it gains popularity and reach. Create a hashtag for the business and use it with every post. Include related and trending hashtags to join the flow. 

It can get overwhelming to keep track of so many things at once while taking care of the business. Search for leading seo company in Noida and hire their services. Let the experts take care of promoting the business on social media and increase brand awareness.

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