How Is Marketing And Advertising Different !!

Many people take marketing and advertising as the two identical terms! The words are used interchangeably by a lot of business owners. While the basic aim of marketing and advertising is the same, the concept behind them is different. DigitalCookies is the best SEO company in Delhi , Bangalore & Noida  and has been providing expert digital marketing and advertising services to various business enterprises in the country. And today, we are going to explain the key differences between the two concepts.

Marketing is the act of taking a brand to a wider spectrum of the audience to generate more sales. While advertising does the same, the core difference lies in the scope of each. In simple terms, advertising is a part of marketing. Marketing is usually the umbrella term that covers various other activities that promote the business and the brand.

From research to developing ideas to implementing them, marketing includes different subsets, among which advertising is one. Product, Place, Price, and Promotion are together known as the 4 P’s of marketing. It is one of the first lessons a marketing student is taught.

While advertising is the act of airing/ placing ads on different mediums, marketing is more about the strategy involved in arriving at the concept, communicating it to the audience, and using different platforms effectively to get maximum results. The strategy involved in deciding and placing an ad (advertisement) comes under marketing.

However, both marketing and advertising are further classified into different sections. While marketing deals with other ways of reaching out to the audience, categories of advertising include the numerous methods in which ads are displayed.


  • Banner ads: Banners can be used online and offline. Online banners are a way of placing an ad on the website of another entity (for a fee). When a person clicks on the banner, he/ she is taken to the website of the brand. Offline banner ads are similar to billboards and hoardings.
  • Social Media ads: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. allow brands to place ads (and customize them) for a fee.
  • Magazine ads: You can place ads in physical copies of magazines or in the digital versions. Whether you want them full page, half page, or in a corner is up to you.


  • Digital Marketing: The focus is on promoting the brand on various digital platforms (for free and for a fee).
  • Content Marketing: One of the most effective methods of marketing, it includes online and offline strategies. Whitepapers, blogs, infographics, books/ brochures, etc. are some examples.
  • Email Marketing: The process of sending promotional and informational emails to the contacts in the database is known as email marketing.
  • Direct Marketing: Targeting a specific audience for specific results is known as direct marketing. Telemarketing, PoS, and direct mail, etc. are some examples of direct marketing.

For a business to get the best results, both online and offline methods are essential. And only the SEO Services in Bangalore understands that if the business has to remain in the market and has been using only advertising (in the name of marketing) it’s high time to explore new opportunities. Market the brand; don’t be satisfied with just advertising it.

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