How important is Robot.txt & Sitemap in SEO !!

DigitalCookies focuses on robot.txt and sitemap in seo

SEO keeps the websites visible and bring organic traffic through search engines. The level of visibility depends on the rank of the website on the search engines. With almost every business working on SEO, the fight to stay in the top 5 results of the search results page has increased. DigitalCookies, the Top SEO Company in Delhi and Bangalore explains how businesses should start looking deeper into SEO to find legitimate ways to get a better website rank.

Robot.txt and sitemaps are two concepts that can give your website the required support to get detected by website crawlers of the search engines. But what are crawlers? What do they do?

Crawlers crawl through the website and gather the required information for search engine algorithms to decide the rank of the website. Every website has pages that should be kept private (user information, etc.). When designing the website, developers write robot.txt file to make a list of web pages that should allow crawlers and web pages that should not allow crawlers. Not all search engines respect this rule, but most of the famous ones do abide.

So how does robot.txt play a role in SEO? The Best SEO Company in Delhi tries to explain the process in simple terms.

Search engines do not let crawls roam around for any reason. Crawls are more active on websites that see more traffic. This means that the website rank is boosted to make it even more visible. Also, when crawlers slow down heavy web pages, search engines will show less interest in such pages. This will adversely affect the website rank.

  • Robot.txt gives website owners more control over where and how search engines crawlers visit the site.
  • If a website has duplicate content for certain reasons, one of the pages can be hidden from the crawlers to avoid getting penalized.
  • Not all web pages should be directly visible to users. Robot.txt file will have the list of pages that should not allow crawlers.
  • If the crawlers get access to every page on the website, it will add extra load to the servers.

By limiting their reach, servers can be prevented from being overloaded. Overloaded servers will either slow down the website loading speed or result in a website crash. The Leading SEO Company in Bangalore and Delhi ensures that such things do not happen.

A sitemap is a directive that is used to help search engines easily understand the structure of the website through crawlers. Another term for sitemaps is ‘URL inclusion protocols’, which means that they instruct/ show search engines what to crawl. In simpler terms, a sitemap does the opposite job of robot.txt.

Robot.txt prevents crawlers from reading certain web pages. Sitemap takes the crawlers to those pages that need to be detected. When used together, it becomes easy for the search engines to directly reach the web page with the keywords used for the search.

For better SEO results, the Top SEO Company in Bangalore creates XML sitemaps to guide the search engines to the web pages with the related information. The sooner the crawlers find the required data, the more they push the website to the top search results.

Sitemaps can be created in two ways- XML and HTML files. An XML sitemap is visible only to search engines and not the end-users. However, their unique structure improves the navigation of the website and makes it user-friendly.

HTML sitemaps can be seen by end-users when they visit the website. It has the list of all pages of the website so that users can go to the ones they are looking for. This too improves user experience and can bring more visitors. Combined with on page SEO services in Delhi, HTML sitemaps can boost website rank.  

  • Sitemaps get crawl priority.
  • With additional tags, sitemaps can emphasize which pages should be first viewed.
  • A sitemap also shows the search engines that website is the creator of the content in them.

SEO services in Bangalore also include create sitemaps for the website and writing robot.txt files. For better SEO results, a website can have both XML and HTML sitemaps. That’s because there are no disadvantages or penalties for having a sitemap. 

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