How Does Social Media Help In SEO ?

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Social media is a powerful tool in digital marketing. When used the right way, it can boost the business by a great margin. But the question here is whether social media can help in SEO. We know that SEO related to the website of the brand. So where and how social media comes into the picture? DigitalCookies, the Top SEO Company in Bangalore and Delhi NCR says that social media does help in SEO. It acts as a support system to gain better visibility and improve website rank.

In this blog, let us see how social media influences the search engine rank and visibility of a website (even if Google says that they do not use social media signals for ranking).

  • Create Brand Awareness in the Target Audience

Search engines are not the only place to create brand awareness. Many top brands in all industries have pages and profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. While availing the best SEO services in Bangalore or Delhi , make sure to have equal focus promoting the social media profiles. This can be done by sharing links to content on the blog, images, videos, etc. with brand-related information or general/ trending topics. Users should recognize the brand on any platform.

  • Social Media is Another Search Engine- Be Visible

While social media is not an exclusive search engine, it still plays a role in helping users find what they are looking for. People search on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram from information. They do this using keywords or hashtags.

When the business has posts on social media with the related keywords, the links will be displayed in the search results. Users who were previously unaware of the brand will come to know about it.

  • Social Media Helps Share Content with More Users

Any  leading SEO company in Bangalore or Delhi always emphasizes on the importance of sharing valuable content on the website. By doing so, brands can not only appear on the first page of the search results but can also share the links on social media and bring more traffic. Instead of waiting for users to search, sharing the links on Facebook, Twitter, etc. with appropriate hashtags will reach new audiences.

The posts on social media are easy to share and re-share. With just one click, a user can share the post on their timeline. This will make the post visible to all those who follow that user. This starts a chain reaction where users keep sharing the post, thereby diverting a lot of traffic to the website.

  • Make Use of Geo-Tags- Focus on Local SEO

Local SEO is important to reach the audiences who live near the physical stores of the business. This will bring offline sales as well as online sales. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram provide an option of tagging the location for every post. By tagging the address of the store on the posts, the posts can be made visible when a user searches about the particular location.

Also, by posting pictures of events that happen near the store and tagging the location, businesses can invite the local users to take part in the events and have some fun. The SEO services near me or the on page seo services in Delhi works on gaining a wider exposure through local SEO and building a loyal customer base.

  • Brand Authenticity and Reviews 

When a brand shares contact information such as phone numbers, address, exact location map of the store, timings, etc. it makes the brand appear authentic and real. Search engines like Google check for such information across platforms.

When the data can be found across various social media platforms, they deem the business genuine and provide a higher rank. The reviews for the brand (page) on Facebook are also collected by Google.

Small, medium and large scale businesses can use the services offered by the top seo company in Delhi to optimize their website and make proper use of various social media platforms to reach a wider target audience.

Any best seo company in Delhi very well understands that when combined together, SEO and SM make powerful tools for a business to expand and gain more customers through digital marketing. With little investment, brands can get more results and gain an edge over competitors in the market.

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