6 Best SEO Strategies for 2020 !!


By DigitalCookies.in

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing the websites to gain higher visibility on the search engine result pages. Depending on the latest trends in the market, the existing algorithm, and the rank of the website, SEO strategies differ.

DigitalCookies, the leading SEO Company in Bangalore is helping brands and businesses in optimizing the websites using the six best strategies of 2020. Let us take a look at the strategies.

  1. Placement of Keywords

The content on the website should be decided based on the keywords related to the business. A keyword is the search word used by users to search for particular information on the internet. Search engines like Google share the results based on the keywords used by the users and the keywords present in the content of the websites.

2 .High Quality Content & Optimization

Each page of your website should have a specific purpose and use the related keyword in the content. Long and short articles, info graphics, videos, text, etc, are some famous content forms. When you hire the services of the Top SEO Company in Bangalore, the company handles the SEO keywords by mixing up short-tail and long-tail keywords. Remember that stuffing keywords could result in Google flagging the website.

3 . Meta Tags Optimization

To be visible on the first page of the search results, Meta tags are essential. The first thing Google does is to look for Meta tags on the website. A Meta tag tells the search engines what the website is about. While some are of an opinion that Meta tags are a waste and that Google ignores them as brands resorted to keyword stuffing.

But the right Meta tag can take your business straight to the user. DigitalCookies has been providing SEO services in Bangalore to various businesses. By using the related keywords in the title tag and meta description, the businesses have boosted their website traffic.

4. High Quality & Optimization of Images

We cannot underestimate the appeal of images in digital media. Having at least one image per page can boost the traffic to a good extent. By optimizing the image, the pages can be loaded faster. Search engines rely on the text related to the image to understand the image. The captions should be clear, simple, and have a related keyword.

The Best SEO Company Delhi Bangalore helps in choosing images with optimal file size without losing the quality of the image. When compressed, JPEG and PNG files are a good choice.

5 .Social Media and Technical SEO

While the relation between SEO and social media has been proved lot of times, the Top 10 SEO Company in Bangalore will tell you that you cannot ignore social media. Instead of simply promoting the brand, the focus should be on adding value.

Posting articles that engage users’ attention, joining online conversations, and building a rapport with users will invariably bring more organic traffic to the website.

Simultaneously the Technical SEO should be the focus since it increases the domain authority, website authority and organic traffic to the website. SEO has to be done both online and offline for the best results. Online SEO includes content, right keywords, Back links, tags, and social media pages to increase brand presence.

6 .Mobile Friendly Websites

More than 55% of the internet users search on the mobile phones worldwide hence it is very important to focus that your website is mobile friendly. Which means the website and its contents should look good and covering the entire details of the website. It should be accessible and user friendly on all kind of mobile devices. The text should be clear and readable, all the links should be accessible and usable. This gives the user a comfortable access and they enjoy visiting and exploring what they are looking for in the website.

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