5 Best Reasons to Use Google Analytics !!

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Having a website for the business is never enough. Understanding customer/ visitor behavior is crucial to keeping the website up to date. Google Analytics is one of the best tools available for the purpose. DigitalCookies provides the Best Seo services in Noida Delhi Bangalore which offers various digital marketing services that also include Google Analytics and using the data to create better websites. There are many reasons to use this famous data analytics tool. Let us take a look at five of them in this blog.

  1. Know More about the Visitors

Do you want to know the demographic classification? Do you want to know the time zones of peak traffic? Do you want to know their age or gender? Or, maybe the device they used to visit the website? You can get all this information and more by using GA. This will tell you whether the website is reaching the target audience or not.

2.Best Way To Know The preferred Content by the Visitors

We cannot undermine the importance of content in today’s world. If visitors don’t find what they are looking for, they have no reason to visit your website. As the provider of Best SEO Services in Delhi , we know how to make use of Google Analytics to add value to the website. SEO is not the only aim of adding data to the website. While it helps in bringing traffic, GA allows us to see which of the posts are getting more traffic so that similar content can be added to the website.

3. Google Analytics is Free  

For small businesses or small-time bloggers who have a limited budget, GA is indeed a boon. Being completely free to use, you don’t have to worry about purchasing complex web analytics tools and trying to figure them out. The Seo Company in Bangalore Delhi & SEO Company In Noida had always offered affordable services and by adding GA to the list, small businesses can be assured to get maximum results with minimum investment.

4. Know Which Social Media Platforms to Focus

Social media marketing can yield high returns if you know where, when, and how to use the different platforms. When an experienced SEO Company In Noida  connects GA to your social media accounts, you will get a detailed report about user engagement on each platform. You can change your marketing strategy and allot funds accordingly.

5. Spend Time to Know More about User Conversions and Bounce Rates

As a business owner, you want the website to make sure a healthy percentage of the visitors become customers. But how can you find the actual proportion? And how do you reduce the percentage of visitors’ who leave the website after visiting a page or two? GA is the answer. Measure which of the website goals have been completed by the visitors and make changes where visitors are losing interest.

We are SEO Experts In Noida and by using Google Analytics tools, we create effective strategies to increase conversion rates, bring organic traffic, and improve sales. Let’s optimize the website and make most of it.

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